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In the early phases of the Cosmonaut program, Russian scientists were grappling with the very real scenario of a health crisis in space. In the weightless environment, surgical procedure could not be performed. Because of the confined areas of the space capsules and weight restrictions of booster rockets, medicines and other health devices could not be taken along at expense of oxygen, food and waste disposal equipment. Large, heavy medical devices obviously could not be accommodated.

Pharmaceuticals were impractical as well since they are designed to be so specific that a large pharmacy of many medications would be needed to cover even a few medical conditions. In addition, due to the limited supplies of portable water, all waste water had to be recycled which could concentrate medications into the drinking water and consequently treat all the personnel whether necessary or not. In the late 1970s the Russian Space Program established a special division to research and provided a resolution for this dilemma. They worked to develop an energetic medical device that could meet very exact specifications. The device needed to be:

  • Small and light enough to meet the size and weight restrictions of space flight
  • Self-sufficient with a light power source, i.e. battery operated
  • Able to operate in vacuum of space
  • Capable of dealing with acute as well as chronic issues

The end result of this program produced the SCENAR device or Self-Controlled Energetic Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. This device was kept as a highly classified military secret until the 1990s and Perestroika (the breakup of the Soviet Union into its constituent Republics). At that time, inventors received patents for the device and it was made available to Western Countries. The SCENAR received approval of the USSR Medical Council (Russia’s FDA) in 1986, and was used in military hospitals. Many Research papers have been published on its effectiveness; the inventors also received a Prestigious Russian Fair Award for its development. The Maximum effect with SCENAR therapy is achieved when a person is wrapped with energetic Blanket.