I was introduced to Happy Life Path by a friend. I am happy to say that her recommendation was well received. My health issues were multiple. I was suffering with excessive menstrual bleeding, clotting and pain. I also was suffering from anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. I was using medications to sleep and felt tired and groggy most of the day. During my menses I was afraid to leave the house because of the heavy bleeding and pain. I also became severely anemic because of irregular heavy bleedings. My Gynecologist recommended partial hysterectomy to relieve the symptoms.

My experience at the Happy Life Path was positive. The environment was  welcoming and peaceful.  I was able to get an appointment pretty quickly, furthermore, I did not have to wait in the waiting room to see the specialist. The rooms were private;  I didn’t have to interact with any other clients. The procedure was painless and comfortable. I felt completely at ease. The specialist explained the procedure and told me that the Scenar  device was a painless, without any side-effects. I would feel only light tingling on my skin. The experience was as she told me.

I had 12 Sessions with the Scenar device. After 3 sessions I felt more energetic and positive about my health. I was able to fall sleep with ease and stay asleep all night without the help of medication. As the therapy progressed I experienced mental clarity, felt relaxed and less anxious. As a result, I felt emotionally stronger and able to get through my daily activities with ease. Within 3 months after the Scenar therapy the menstrual pain was decreasing and the clotting was significantly reduced. Within 6 months I had no depression and anxiety  or sleep problems. My menstrual cycle regulated. I had no menstrual pain or clotting. I felt good in my body. The constant feeling of tiredness was gone. I am so glad I chose Scenar therapy over surgery. The medical cost compared to this would have been substantial.

Thank you Happy Life Path

– Emma S.

My 14-year-old daughter Anna had terrible headaches, depression, loss of energy. Felt angry all the time. She was under psychiatric care. In school she felt isolated and had school problems. After 4th session at Happy Life Path her attention started to get better. After 2 weeks of Scenar Therapy she looked very happy and without stress. She didn’t feel depressed, didn’t have any mood swings,  and no headaches. She started to sleep well, eat well, and exercise. She became mellow tempered. She ended up not taking antidepressants prescribed to her. She is very happy and I am very happy. This is an amazing device.

Thank you Happy Life Path.

My name is George. I am 51 years old. I have been in Scenar therapy at Happy Life Path for 3 weeks. I feel very energized and have no pain in my body. The therapy was painless and relaxing. Mentally I feel rejuvenated and bright.  I am able to think more positively about life and make positive decisions for myself. My immune system seems to have been improved because I don’t feel sick all the time the way I used to.  My work performance has improved and I am able to keep up with the stresses of daily life. I do not feel angry or short-tempered all the time anymore. I am grateful to have benefited from this fantastic invention.

My name is Nora A.. I am 56 year old woman. I am a colon cancer survivor. I’ve had 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation therapy. Before Scenar Therapy I was taking painkillers, antidepressants, and sleeping pills. I was almost bed ridden. I didn’t have any appetite. I lost almost 20 pounds and also had an open wound after surgery with terrible discharge from the wound. After Scenar therapy my appetite returned, my pain slowly relieved, and wound discharge dries up. After 3 weeks of therapy I stopped taking all the medications which I was taking to get through the day. Right now my appetite is normal and I am slowly gaining weight. I have enough energy to do my daily activities by myself. I am very grateful for having my life back because I had lost all hope.

I am Armen T. a 27-year-old man. I injured my right knee at the gym. I was in terrible pain. My right knee was swollen and red. I couldn’t even walk. After an X-ray and MRI Doctors saw that I had torn ligaments, menisc, and inflamed joint problem. The doctors told me that I was going to have a lengthy chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and surgery was not excluded. I came to Happy Life Path in recommendation from my mother who was a client there. First 3 day I was in treatment 2 times a day after that 2 more weeks of treatment once a day. Slowly my body responded to treatment. The swelling went down, my ligaments healed fully. I am back at the gym regularly.

I am a mother of a 5-year-old boy, who is suffering from autism. He was very aggressive and was constantly breaking things in the house. I could not control his behavior. He could not talk in order express himself. He was not able to sleep through the night, and was not eating well. Through the Regional centers he was receiving services like speech, behavior, and occupational therapy. I heard about the Happy Life Path from a friend, who has found success with her child. We came to therapy for 2 week every day and then follow-ups once a week for 2 months. He slowly became a different boy. Now he can talk in full sentences. He has calmed down significantly. He also sleeps through the night, is eating better, and started to read and write. I no longer have problems at school. I am really proud of him right now. my family life has become so peaceful and happy. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Thank you so much for giving me my son back,

– Armine P.