What is Scenar?

SCENAR stands for: Self-Controlled Energetic Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. SCENAR Therapy is a new generation of non-invasive health technology which is directed at activating self-healing resources of the human organism. The SCENAR healthcare technology is able to teach the body to heal itself because it uses an enlightened, gentle and holistic approach. SCENAR devices are non-invasive regulator of body functions. They create ideal conditions for the body to heal itself using its own internal “pharmacy” of neuropeptides. This allows the body to choose the most appropriate chemical combination. They also have dynamically changing signals, so when the SCENAR devices are applied directly to the skin, they can activate a dialogue (through biofeedback) between the body and the device.
SCENAR devices are different from those of electro, pulse, magnetic, quantum or any other stimulating therapy because they work with biofeedback from the body. No two consecutive signals from the device are ever the same. Most importantly, each subsequent signal is based upon the biological response of the body from the previous signal. This allows truly dynamic regulation, adjusting for the state of the body from moment to moment as the person’s condition changes and improves.

SCENAR technology, unlike our modern day highly tailored therapies, is not only concerned with helping specific organs or even systems, it also focuses on recovering the damaged functions of the whole body. When regulating any specific pathology, an additional positive effect is often created with regard to other conditions. Very often SCENAR has been proven effective against conditions not curable by traditional means. Consequently, more people all over the world are becoming adherents of this new technology.
The device can be used for regulation of pathologically changed functions of the body and disordered adaptive processes of:

  1. Nervous system (various backbone diseases with secondary disorders of nervous activity, with static and dynamic disorders, backbone deformation; radiculitis, neuritis, disorders of cerebral blood circulation and their consequences, diseases of the automatic nervous system, etc.)
  2. Osteomuscular system (myositis, arthritis, soft tissue, bruises, fractures)
  3. Respiratory system (tracheitis, bronchitis, acute respiratory disease (ARD), acute respiratory virus disease (ARVD), pneumonia, pleuritis, bronchial asthma)
  4. Cardiovascular system (ischemia, hypertension, hypotonia, arrhythmia, disorders of vascular system (varicose veins, microcirculation disorders, trophic ulcers)
  5. Digestive system (gastritis, enteritis, colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis)
  6. Urogenital system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, menstrual cycle disorders, inflammation of the ovaries, sterility, gestational toxicosis)
  7. Dental diseases (pain relief, paradontosis, periodontitis);

No side effects


  1. Individual intolerance
  2. Heart pacemaker

The effectiveness of SCENAR devices has been confirmed various clinical tests in Russia. Scenar technology was first invented in Russia in the mid-80s under space and military research programs. The device was developed by a group of scientists based in USSR, who received many government awards. In 1986 the first SCENAR device, having passed technical and clinical trials, was granted permission by the USSR Medical Council for use in military hospitals. Together with the Committee for New Medical Technology and the department for “Non-drug Methods of Therapy” 7 Compilations of articles, titled “Scenar therapy and Scenar expertise”,  were published in Russia and became a source for education in Scenar Therapy.

Eighteen International Conferences have been held on Scenar therapy and Scenar expertise since its introduction to Western Medicine. The Scenar device is capable of preventing many health problems and assisting the body in restoring health and homeostasis.

The Scenar device is FDA regulated and listed in the US as a battery powered professional use device for relaxation training, muscle re-education​ also for acute, chronic, traumatic, postoperative pain.